Outdoor Balloon Decor

When considering outdoor balloon decorations there are many things to consider. Will your event be in the sun? Will it be a windy day? Is there a rain location and if so will your decor work indoors? These are all things that we consider when suggesting decor for your event. We will be honest and let you know if we can make your dreams a reality and if not, we will come up with alternative suggestions. For example, if you are looking for balloon bouquets to place outdoors near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, we will recommend another option, one that will hold up and look great on a windy day. Below is a photo of some awesome 80's themed balloons at an outdoor block party. Our balloon knowledge and professional training resulted in a flawless balloon arch and balloon columns that lasted all day. If you don't know what to consider when planning decor for your event don't worry, we will help. Send us an email so we can start planning your next event!

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