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Silly Willyz Installation and Fox6 Morning news

Balloons are fun, but sometimes they are REALLY fun. Like when your friend hands you the keys to her toy store and says "do whatever you want". This happened to me and I must say I'm pretty pleased with the results. In celebration of Neighborhood Toy Store Day I created an installation at Silly Willyz in downtown Pewaukee. The store has great tall ceilings so I decided to go UP. I wanted to use as much color as possible because how often do you get to decorate a toy store!?

This style is called "Organic" meaning the shapes, sizes and colors are more natural or wonky, not perfect. That style is my favorite. I love when things are interesting and flowy and a little messy.

The coolest part was that we called the news and they came! I was able to show some balloon tips on air with Carl (who is awesome) and he hung the finishing balloon. He's a natural.

The question I kept getting was "How long will these last? Will they float for several days?" These are filled with air so they aren't floating at all, they are hanging. This makes them last a long time. The balloons themselves are also meant to last a really long time so I would estimate we will leave this up for about two weeks.

Congrats to Jackie and her successful toy store and thanks for trusting me to create this installation!

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