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Balloons at Lake Geneva Weddings

Summer is officially over as it gets chilly in Wisconsin. But I wanted to show off some the beautiful Weddings I had the pleasure to work on over the past three months. Some of the best venues in Wisconsin are tucked all around the lake in Lake Geneva and it's always exciting and challenging when I get to work at a new location.

Below is a photo from a wedding at The Abbey in Lake Geneva, WI. This tent wedding was already beautiful but the subtle pops of color added by the balloons tied in the couples colors and added some extra light throughout the night. Light you say? Yes! These 3 foot balloons glow!

We can add Remote Controlled LED lights to the balloons and they can glow any color you want, or all the colors! These are such a fun surprise when the DJ turns them on after dinner to get the party started.

These large 3 foot balloons are by far the most popular choice for a wedding. They are BIG and add a wow factor that isn't easy to achieve. Balloons are trending on Pinterest but they still aren't over done so odds are your guests won't have seen anything like it before. This wedding took place under a tent at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan. The place is insanely cool and I wish I could live there.

Here's one more wedding at Lake Geneva Country Club. Also an insanely cool venue and this mother of the bride surprised her daughter with these balloons. We hung 30 over the dance floor and lit 10 of them.

Obviously the best part of working on a wedding is helping make the brides day perfect. We had such a great season working in Lake Geneva and can't wait for wedding season to kick off in 2018.

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