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How long do balloons last?

When ordering balloon decor for your event, there is one important question: How long will the balloons last? Most people envision sad helium balloons hovering in mid-air as they slowly die after a party. But that doesn't have to be the case!

True, helium balloons do have a short lifespan, and while products like Hi-float can extend their float time, they simply won't last forever. That's why most of our decor is actually filled with regular old air and attached to some kind of frame work. Balloon arches, balloon columns, even our balloon deliveries are mostly air inflated decor, meaning the balloons will last days or weeks!

The biggest factor on how long any balloon will last is the weather. This is why outdoor decor is usually only created to last one day. Sun is especially difficult on balloons while Wisconsin cold is surprising really good at extending their life! It's like a giant balloon refrigerator!

Christmas Balloon Wall
Balloon Wall at Popeyes on the Lake in Lake Geneva, WI

The kind of balloon also has an impact on it's lifespan, Latex balloons begin to biodegrade and breakdown as soon as they are made while foil balloons last forever. They also hold air in better and are refillable so the same balloon sculpture could quite literally last for years! The balloon wall above was set up in a Lake Geneva restaurant and lasted for the entire month of December!

Most of the time, we understand you aren't looking to order balloons that will last for years, but we will make sure to design decor that will last an appropriate amount of time for your event.

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