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The Big Balloon Build is coming to Lake Geneva!


Contact: Sara Meyer

Owner of Wisconsin Balloon decor

Just announced! The Big Balloon Build is coming to Lake Geneva in March 20-26, 2023!

Hosted by local balloon company, Wisconsin Balloon Décor, The Big Balloon Build will bring 60 balloon artists from around the world together to create an installation using more than 50,000 balloons. Over the course of four days, a local gymnasium will be transformed into a balloon wonderland, after which the installation will open to the public as a fundraiser for Inspiration Ministries, a local charity that serves adults with disabilities.

Inspired by the signature sponsor, Kunes RV, the theme of the Wisconsin event is “Inspired by the great outdoors”, highlighting the spirit of adventure and beauty of the Wisconsin outdoors. And keeping with the theme, the location of the build is on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva at Covenant Harbor.

After participating in the first Big Balloon Build to ever take place in the United States last April in Vincennes, Indiana, Sara Meyer, owner of Wisconsin Balloon Decor, knew the event would thrive in her local town of Lake Geneva.

“It was the largest installation I’ve ever been part of, which was incredible. But when I saw the impact the event was having on the community, I knew I wanted to bring it home. Thousands of people came to view the balloons and we helped raise $120,000 for charity. All because of balloons!”

The Big Balloon Build, Lake Geneva, will include a ticketed VIP event, a Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, a food drive and a popping party! Tickets will go on sale in early January.

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