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Wisconsin Balloon Decor Joins International “Adopt A Grandparent” Balloon Movement

More than 150 assisted-living residents in Walworth County have been “adopted” by complete strangers- and that’s just in the first week of the campaign!

Photo from a delivery to a facility in Indiana. All Walworth County deliveries will go out on February 13.

Complete strangers are sending “Balloon Buddies” to assisted living residents, many of whom haven’t had visitors in 11 months. Wisconsin Balloon Décor owner, Sara Meyer, joined the international movement of balloon decorators to spread joy, encouragement and hope during a time filled with loneliness and confusion for many senior citizens.

“Balloons have always been and will always be about making people happy! What’s amazing about this movement is that we are seeing the same overwhelming response in communities all over the world!”

Residents are being adopted from one assisted-living community at a time, until everyone has been adopted, then the campaign moves on to a new facility. So far, four communities have been fully adopted. The goal is simple: deliver as much joy as possible this Valentine’s Day. All “Balloon Buddies” will deploy on February 13 by community volunteers, aka, “Ambassadors of Joy”.

You can adopt a grandparent at for $10

For more information please contact Sara Meyer

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