Yard Art is Here!

Party Poles and Grad Poles are only available in Walworth County.

All deliveries are contact free and installed outdoors. Deliveries will be made before noon on your selected day and you will receive a text confirmation upon installation.


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How will I know what my delivery will look like?

The short answer is: You won't! You just have to trust that it will be awesome.

Right now most balloon factories in the US are closed so we have a very limited supply of balloons. The best option is to explain your color preferences, the occasion. We will do the rest!

I'm interested in adding the yard sign rental, how does that work?

We will deliver your yard signs with your balloons before 8 am. Enjoy all day and then we will come back after 8 pm to remove the signs. You keep the balloons :)


Do I have to be home when you deliver?

Nope, these are contact free deliveries. We will deliver and send you a text.


How are the poles standing?

We will hammer a  stake into your grass. Make sure that's okay if you are sending this as a gift.


How long will balloons last outside?

That totally depends on the weather. Really hot days are the hardest for balloons. Cold and gloomy is best! If you want to save your balloons you can bring them inside.


How much notice do you need?

24 hours, but days usually book up sooner than that.

What customization options do you have?

You can customize up to 5 words on your balloon. We will custom cut your phrase out of stick on vinyl for $10.


Lake Geneva, WI

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Wisconsin Balloon Decor, a mobile balloonery located in the heart of Lake Geneva, provides professional Balloon Decorations in Walworth, Waukesha and Milwaukee County. Areas served include Lake Geneva, Delavan, Elkhorn, Fontana, Waukesha and Milwaukee.