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Social Starters

100 Social Media Prompts for your Balloon Business!

These "Social Starters" will make your balloon business social media simple and fun! It can be exhausting running your own business, but social media should not be something that feels like work!

What you get:
-100 social media prompts so you never have to think- "What the heck should I post!" Just copy, paste, customize.
-3 file formats- Excel, Word, PDF
-10 free stock photos of colorful balloon backdrops to use in your social posts

About the system:
The 100 Simple Starters are grouped into four categories to give your social media variety:
"Networking Starters" are intended to engage with other accounts and create "shareable" content. Tag another account where you see the @ signs.
"Engagement Starters" usually have a call to action. These are great to use in stories.
"Promotion Starters" help you show off your brand and talk about yourself.
"Education Starters" help your potential clients know what it's like to work with you!


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Hand Drawing

Simple Mock-Ups

In this free course, originally part of the Q Corner Convention, you will learn to create awesome proposals and mock ups without any technology!


If you've ever said "I can't draw" you're wrong and this class is for you. ZERO artistic ability required. We will talk about blending, light, perspective and how to help clients visualize what you're selling!

Also included in the course are some shortcuts, including a custom "organic balloon" template created by Sara. You can purchase the cut file for the template and create your own using a cutting machine such as a Cricut.


The template is NOT required to create awesome hand drawn proposals.




Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Balloon Boss Pro Mastermind

Summit Runs Sunday, November 8 to Thursday, November 12, 2020
(Formerly Promotions & Profits Retreat)


Hands on Balloon Builds Sunday 10 am -5 pm Included in registration.       
Business Skills & Strategies:
Brand Messaging , Growth, Leadership Development, Stress Management, Efficiency, Customer Service, Team Building Skills


Disney Springs Holiday Inn Orlando, FL

Extra Deep Dive Experiences available the 8th and 13th for additional fees.

Register Here

Online Training Classes hosted by Balloon Artist College

Instagram Intensive

Watch how Sara grew a 6 figure business in three years using these Instagram techniques. Watch over Sara’s shoulder as she creates cool posts with a dozen of tools you need to install NOW.

A fun practical course that will get you more followers on Instagram (and better customers too!)

Marketing Hacks

25 free ways to boost your business marketing. Simple to implement TODAY so you can see a return on your efforts in no time.


Lake Geneva, WI

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Wisconsin Balloon Decor, a mobile balloonery located in the heart of Lake Geneva, provides professional Balloon Decorations in Walworth, Waukesha and Milwaukee County. Areas served include Lake Geneva, Delavan, Elkhorn, Fontana, Waukesha and Milwaukee.