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Marquee lights


There is nothing like the soft glow of our marquee letters and numbers reflecting off the dance floor, shining from a stage, or illuminating the entry of your celebration. This new addition to our inventory is already a best seller.

In order to book your marquee rental, please fill out our contact form with the phrase you are looking to rent and we will confirm availability within two business days.

You can also browse our FAQ's below to review rental policies and pricing.

Say it in lights!
Marquee numbers with balloons
Marquee letters stancked
No Place like home Marquee letters
over the rainbow balloons and marquee letters
prom marquee letters lake geneva

The Details

Frequently asked questions


How big are the marquees?

Numbers and letters are 3 feet tall and vary in width


What areas do you serve?

Our marquees are only available for events in Walworth County.


How much do they cost?

$75 per digit or letter plus delivery

Stacked letters are an additional $150


What does it mean to stack letters?

It means we place one word on top of the other using our custom framework. We are able to stack up to six letters on the top row.


Can I pick up the marquees from your shop?

No, we install all marquees for you and return the following morning to pick them up.


Anything else I need to know?

Yes! Marquees are not suitable for outdoor events and you will need access to a power source so we can plug them in.

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