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Custom balloon garland installation


Our number one seller, freeform balloon garland can be installed almost anywhere. From corporate events to weddings, everyone wants this fun pop of color.

We sell our garlands in 6 foot lengths and are happy to suggest how many you might need to achieve your desired look.

Garlands are so popular we even offer an inexpensive pickup option that we call our "Grab and Go Garland." With this option you receive the same quality, but save by picking up and installing yourself.

Garlands $130 each
one balloon garland
One Garland
two balloon garlands
three balloon garlands
Three Garlands
Two Garlands
Balloon Wall.jpeg


Grab and Go
One garland

Grab and Go Garland

We offer two great pickup options!

Daniels Foods Sentry in Walworth and Piggly Wiggly in Lake Geneva.

These exciting partnerships have expanded our pickup window to Thursday-Sunday!

1. Choose one or two garlands

Garlands are about 5 feet long each. Two is the most that will fit in the average SUV.​

2. Select your colors

​Select your colors from our color chart and make sure to put them in the notes section of your order.​

3. Schedule your pickup

Select your pick-up location:

Daniels Foods Sentry in Walworth located at 681 Kenosha St, Walworth, WI 53184


Piggly Wiggly in Lake Geneva located at 100 E Geneva Square, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Select your pickup time during our pickup window from 9-5 pm every Thursday-Sunday

4. Pickup and Install!

Check-in at the service counter when you arrive and your garland will be bagged and waiting for you! You will receive hooks, ties, and directions when you pickup. Watch our installation tutorial here!


Your balloons will last all weekend!

$100 each
Balloon Wall background Wisconsin Balloon Decor_edited.jpg
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