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The Balloon Adventure 2024: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

In April, Wisconsin Balloon Decor proudly designed our largest installation ever for The Balloon Adventure at PIER 290. Inspired by the world of Oz, the event featured over 100,000 balloons, enchanting visitors with whimsical displays and activities.

As a balloon decorator, working on this scale was both nerve-wracking and exciting. The best part was assembling an all-star crew of artists and friends, each owning their own balloon business, hailing from Florida, New Jersey, Alabama, Utah, Canada, and more.

Design and Execution

The design process spanned about six months, with the installation completed over four days. Time management was challenging, especially estimating how long each balloon design would take. Inflating the balloons alone took a day. Fortunately, the collective expertise of the crew ensured we could tackle any problem, sometimes even finding better solutions than initially planned.

One standout element was the life-sized Yellow Brick Road floor decal provided by Yunker Industries, which truly brought the design together and guided attendees through the display.

Looking Forward

We learned a lot from this year’s event and eagerly anticipate our next challenge in March when we return to PIER 290 with a new "Under the Sea" theme. The experience promises to be just as magical and grand as our Oz adventure.

Stay tuned for updates and behind-the-scenes insights as we prepare for another spectacular installation!

For more information on our projects and upcoming events, visit The Santa Cause.


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