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Light Up Your Event with Marquee Rentals from Wisconsin Balloon Decor

Are you looking to add a dazzling touch to your next event? Wisconsin Balloon Decor has just the solution with our light-up marquee rentals. These marquee letters and numbers offer a captivating way to highlight your special occasion, whether it's a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or any celebration that deserves a spotlight.

What Are Light Up Marquees?

Our marquee rentals feature 3-foot tall letters and numbers that emit a soft, inviting glow, perfect for creating a memorable atmosphere. These versatile decorations can be customized to spell out names, phrases, or significant dates, making them a hit for any event.

Policies and Pricing

Here's a quick overview of our rental policies:

  • Size: Each marquee letter or number stands 3 feet tall, with varying widths.

  • Service Area: We currently serve Walworth County exclusively.

  • Cost: The rental fee is $75 per letter or digit, plus a delivery charge. If you want to stack letters, an additional $150 fee applies.

  • Installation and Pickup: Our team handles the setup and takedown, ensuring your event runs smoothly. We install the marquees before your event and retrieve them the following morning.

  • Indoor Use Only: Please note that our marquees are not suitable for outdoor events and require access to a power source.

For a full list of FAQs, you can check here.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Our marquee letters and numbers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of events:

  • Weddings: Add a romantic touch with "LOVE" or the couple's initials.

  • Birthdays: Highlight the birthday person's age or name.

  • Corporate Events: Showcase your brand or event theme.

  • Graduations: Celebrate the achievement with the graduation year or the graduate's name.

  • Showers and Anniversaries: Personalize the decor to make the event even more special.

How to Book

Booking your marquee rental is simple. Visit our Marquees page and fill out the contact form with the desired phrase. Our team will confirm availability within two business days. It's that easy!

Adding marquee letters and numbers to your event decor is a surefire way to make it unforgettable. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or hosting a corporate event, Wisconsin Balloon Decor’s marquee rentals will illuminate your occasion with elegance and charm. Don’t wait—light up your event today!

For more details and to book your marquee rental, visit Wisconsin Balloon Decor.


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